January fitness motivation wearing thin? Here’s how to stay motivated…

If you’ve made the resolution that 2019 is going to be your year and the year that you get yourself sorted with a regular workout routine, then you’re not alone. As soon as the New Year hits, a lot of people take on new challenges, with weight loss and improved fitness a popular resolution.

January is usually an easy month to get through – you’re full of motivation, the gym is always full of like-minded people with the same goal as you, and campaigns such as Dry January and Veganuary make it that little bit easier to make healthy choices. But then February comes around, and you might find that you’ve lost a bit of that drive. You want nothing more than a big greasy pizza, some cake and a day away from the pre-work (or evening!) exercise routine you’ve been following religiously.

Sound familiar? Well here’s how you can keep your motivation up and make sure 2019 is the year that you make long-term healthy habits.

Make sure you’ve got the right kit

There’s no getting away from the fact that winter sucks. It’s cold, wet and dark before you’ve even got home from work. If you’ve taken up running or you prefer exercising outdoors, make sure you’ve got the right clothing. Investing in some good quality winter activewear can make all the difference – so make sure you’ve got the right gear. Thermal leggings, gloves headbands  – it all helps!

Even if you’re not training outdoors and you’ve opted to join the gym, investing in some new workout gear can really help your motivation. Get yourself some bright exercise gear or choose colours that make you feel positive and motivated, and you’ll be looking for any excuse to take your new trainers or kit for a spin in the gym.

Set out a plan

Start each week with a plan of the meals you want to cook, and the days that you want to exercise. It’s easy to justify skipping the gym or nipping out to the bakery on your lunchbreak for a sausage roll and a brownie at the best of times, but if you don’t have a plan in place that you’re aiming to stick to then it won’t be long before you’ve lost all sense of your new fitness routine and your motivation has disappeared completely. Make a plan and hold yourself accountable to it – or better still, share your plan with someone you trust to encourage you and who will help you stick to it.

Find a buddy

A bit like finding someone who can keep you accountable to your fitness plan, it can also really help if you’ve got a friend or loved one who has also made it their 2019 resolution to get in shape. If you’ve got someone to work out with or who you can share healthy recipes and meal ideas with, then you’ll be less likely to blow it off and spend the evening snuggled up on the sofa instead.

It’s never easy to completely change up your fitness routine, and making long-term healthy choices can take some practise before they really stick, but by following these tips hopefully you’ll find yourself on track to staying motivated long past the January rush.

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