Ben is a highly experienced personal trainer with a vast amount of experience in training clients with specific goals of weight loss and changing the way they look. He has been in the health and fitness industry working in several gyms and running several of his own fitness studios before opening the Fit Body In 6 Transformation and Indoor cycling studio.

Being an expert in weight loss transformations led to Ben working for one of the industries biggest fitness stars writing well over 1,000 nutrition and training plans for their clients.

As well as working with clients who want to lose weight he has also helped many clients whose goals are to increase muscle mass and increase their strength.

Outside of work you will find Ben in the gym, working on his own training programme. He knows what it takes to get results, but he also enjoys himself. So, if you can’t find him at the gym… he may just be out and about enjoying a beer and eating pizza. Results and fun – now that’s what we all dream of!